During March of 2012, a transnational lottery was started in Europe. It was called the Eurojackpot and is one of the most popular lottery games in Europe. The goal of it is for players to correctly match five numbers out of 50 and an additional two supplementary number out of another ten. The chances of winning the Eurojackpot is 1 in over 95,000,000. It provides players with twelve tiers of prizes.

A group of representatives from European nations met in Amsterdam in 2011 to discuss the possibility of a new pan-European lottery game. The goal was to create a game that had more nations involved than any other European lottery game. It would provide the chance to win large multi-million jackpots on a weekly basis. It would be called the Eurojackpot.

German Lotto Company
The idea for the Eurojackpot came from a lotto company located in western Germany. The goal was to create a game that would be able to provide what other European lottery games did not. Many of the countries in Europe were not able to participate in the other huge multinational lottery games being offered. The German company saw an opportunity to serve this market. The creation of the Eurojackpot provided a way for people without access to the other games a chance to play a lottery that provides large multi-million euro payouts on a weekly basis. There are currently 17 different countries participating in the Eurojackpot lottery.

First Year
The first drawing for this lottery was held on March of 2012. At this time, there were seven countries participating. In May of 2012, the first person to win the Eurojackpot is from Germany. They match all five main numbers as well as the two extra Euro numbers. Their winnings are over 19 million Euros. The rules of the game are added so that a jackpot can roll over twelve times before it is won during the next drawing. If nobody is able to match the five main number and two Euro numbers after this, the jackpot is won by a player in the next winning prize tier.

Second Year
In 2013, the first person from Finland to win the Eurojackpot gets over 29 million Euros. More countries join, and this brings the number to fourteen. New rules are put in place to permit the jackpot to roll over for up to 90 million Euros. A German player wins a record-setting jackpot of 46 million Euros. Norway has its first winner who gets 13 million Euros. This is the same year the first Slovenian wins the Eurojackpot and gets 21 million Euros.

Reaching Cap
The Eurojackpot reached the cap of 90 million Euros for the first time in 2015. Not one person in all of the participating countries was able to match all five of the main numbers and the two Euro numbers. The excess funds then went to the next tier. This resulted in two players each matching the five main numbers and one of the Euro numbers. Each received over 4 million Euros.

Biggest Jackpot
The largest Eurojackpot ever won by a person with one ticket was from the Czech Republic. It was 90 million Euros. Based on the rules of the game, the excess funds were diverted to the next tier players. Each of them got more than 22 million Euros.

The Eurojackpot lottery is televised in each country that offers the lottery. The drawing for the lottery is done each Friday at 7 pm in local Helsinki time. When a person wins, their lottery ticket must be verified in Denmark and Germany. When a player has any type of winnings, they are required to claim it within 180 days. The majority of winners are found in tier levels two or three.

There are a number of online lottery sites that are not official sites but can still provide tickets for the Eurojackpot. There are also operators online who are state-licensed. Many don’t have such a license. Only individuals who have reached the age of majority for their particular country can play the Eurojackpot lottery. Private operators in most of the participating countries have certain specific restrictions placed on them. If a person plays the Eurojackpot lottery online and wins, they can have their winnings deposited directly into a bank account.