Lotto Memberships

Why A Lotto Membership?

Most online lotto websites require an individual to create a membership. These memberships have a variety of different benefits associated with them:

  • Bonuses that are only available to members
  • Easy withdrawals because the verification process has been completed
  • Easy deposits
  • Exclusive games
  • Promotions and discounts

Typically, a site offers between three and four different levels of membership. Some sites will offer more, and some will offer less.

Standard Membership

A Standard Lotto Membership is usually free and is meant for inexperienced individuals. This group can come with restrictions that do not allow the player to access the entire site or the membership only lasts for a trial period. The Standard Membership can include the following benefits or items for viewing:

  • Most of the results for games can be viewed.
  • A free demo/trial to experience the lottery system and games.
  • A few weekly promotions may be offered, also.

Different sites may offer a full free Standard Membership, but most do not. Most of the time, the owner of the site wants people to experience the site and then pay the fees for the more advanced memberships.

Gold Membership

The next tier of membership may be called Gold on some lotto sites. The Gold Membership is usually one step up from the free membership (Standard Membership). The Gold Membership requires a small monthly fee.

Some sites will credit this fee back to the account, but it can only be spent on the lotto website. This membership is for the new or novice player. The benefits of a Gold Membership could include:

  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Discounts
  • Syndicate plays at a discounted price
  • Free play in some drawings
  • Access to all educational materials available on the site

Diamond/Platinum Membership

Some lotto sites call the next level a Diamond Membership. Other websites call it a Platinum Memberships. This membership requires a larger fee and is meant for an experienced player. The Diamond/Platinum Membership offer includes the following benefits:

  • Exclusive offers
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Free play in certain games
  • Educational materials
  • A bonus credit each month
  • Personal assistance
  • Limited ticket games available

Titanium Membership

The last level of membership is a Titanium Membership. These types of memberships require a personal invitation to join. This membership is recommended only for the players that are serious about playing. It also requires a larger fee to be a member. All of the benefits for the Standard, Gold, and Diamond/Platinum are included with this membership. This membership also includes:

  • Unlimited of the Reports and Analysis
  • Unlimited use of all systems
  • A record of all transactions completed on the site
  • Use of full lottery wheels
  • Number of predictions is higher