The wonderful state of California is known for its beautiful beaches, large mountains, and its famous Hollywood movies but did you know that California is home to the largest single state lottery games called the California Super Lotto Plus? The California Super Lotto Plus holds the title for being the largest single state lottery games not only because of its large number of participants but because its happens to have largest jackpot payouts as well. The California Super Lotto Plus was created in 1984 and was formerly known as the Super Lotto until 2000. The lotto game originally started out with one official drawing day per week until 1986 when the lotto game adopted a second drawing day and it now has primary and secondary drawing day per week.Whether you’re a resident of the state of California or a visitor on vacation there are several different ways to gamble and try your luck in the state of California but the most popular way seems to be the California Super Lotto Plus but, is it worth playing? Many would say yes because of large jackpot payouts. Currently the top three highest jackpot payouts are $65,000,000.00, the second is $72,000,000.00, and the record high jackpot currently stands at whopping $193,000,000.00. The most recent jackpot payout however was $30,000,0000.00 and although that sounds significantly less than the top three payouts who wouldn’t love to receive a major paid day that could change their lives forever.

For the individuals who are very lucky and do happen to win the California Super Lotto Plus have a couple of different payout options. They can choose to receive one large lump-sum of cash were taxes will be taken out before winnings are released to the winner or they can choose to receive their winnings through a very sophisticated jackpot payout system. If the winner opts to receive winnings through the jackpot payout system they must agree to receive thirty annual payments. Then at this point the winner has the choice to either receive the first payment at 1.81% of the total jackpot and receive 5.56% of the total jackpot for the last payment or they can request to receive a larger first payment which typically is 3 times as much as the original offer but if this option is chosen the winner will no longer qualify to receive the payment of 5.56% of the total jackpot that was previously stated for the last payment.

Like many things in life there are going to be pros and cons. The top mentioned pros regarding the California Super Lotto Plus are that many people like the fact that they can place a bet twice in a week and that the 5-digit system increases their likelihood of winning. The top mentioned cons regarding the California Super Lotto Plus are that by having a lotto drawing twice a week people feel that it reduces the size of each jackpot winning because the top three lotto jackpot winnings occurred when the California Super Lotto Plus was called Super Lotto and had only one drawing per week. Either way you look at it the California Super Lotto Plus is a game of chance and although your chances of winning are slim to none there is one certainty, if you don’t play it you’ll never win. So, if you live in California, there for business, there on vacation, or just there to visit why not test your luck. You could win millions!