The National Lottery was created in 1986 by the Republic of Ireland after the National Lottery Act was passed to raise money for the government. Officially, it was listed as being for good works. The arts, sports and recreation and health and welfare. It has three groups of games that are run for it. Here are those games and more information about the lottery, tips and fascinating facts.

The first group of games are the scratch cards. It’s a game that has higher odds for winning. The games are even available to play online. They have three varieties of games. Euromillions, DailyMillion and Lotto. All three games are a part of the weekly game for most people of The Republic of Ireland. It is widely popular with success at raising over 260 pounds by 2009. Since then drawings have always taken place on Saturday. There are other draws on Wednesdays.

Players have the ability to play online as well as in store. Prizes are paid in two payments and are tax free. Those prizes not claimed go back into the lottery system to be won by another player. It has raised a lot of money for the country.

A Few Facts:

– Between 1988 to 1992 250,000 pounds was won.
– Around 1992 a hack was done on the system that shut it down for a while.
– 1992 to 1994 no hacks occurred making it safe once more.
– In 1994 the winnings were increased to attract Northern Ireland players.
– In 2015 the game changed again making it even safer with high payouts to winners.

How to Win:

Players should be careful to not get pulled into thinking that special lucky numbers will win the game. It doesn’t really help anyone win. It is based on old wise tales that are meaningless. Other people look at the number that have just won and consider this to be number to play. That would be a mistake, though. Players should simply pick six numbers and not consider any numbers to be lucky. Sequential number, however, rarely get picked. That is based on statistics, not luck. So if a player is going to look at a way to win, that would be it. Players should never pick sequential numbers.

Math however, can help a player win big. When statistics are used to calculate likely numbers that could win, things get interesting. A lotto can have 5 to 7 winners at any given time. Due to the design of the Irish Lottery matching four numbers allows players to have a 75% chance to win. That one is worth trying. If it doesn’t work, then nothing is lost. If it does work, then it was well wroth the effort.

Some History:

In the 1930’s Ireland was experiencing issues with the lottery system of the time. Still under the United Kingdom, the Great Depression had taken a toll on the country and the then sweepstakes, was not helping matters financially. It became a point to steal and was eventually replaced by the current system.

When the new National Lottery system began, it was a time of financial betterment of the nation. People were doing better and Ireland as a whole had a draw as a great place to travel. The local economy experienced a huge boom. Several popular games were a regular part of the countries’ gaming system.

There was a movie released in 1998 about the National Lottery and it had become wildly popular. It was helping to raise money and worked well for the first time in history. Today it is still working to create a wonderful way to raise money for the Republic’s needs and offer a fun weekly event for the player to anticipate as well.

If interested in playing the Irish Lottery, known as the National Lottery, it can be fun and lucrative. Tickets can be checked for winners online even after the night of the draw. It can be played online for a convenient way to participate if going to the store is inconvenient. Players must be over 18 years of age and a resident of the Republic of Ireland to play