More popularly known as “Wednesday Lotto”, Viking Lotto is a combination of multinational lotteries in Europe. Participating countries include Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, and Lithuania. First appearing in 1993, Viking Lotto became the very first lottery to allow foreign participation and the chance to win. It was also designed to attract new and old players by introducing a high jackpot.

Because of this, Viking Lotto became a success. With the 2000 addition of Estonia’s lottery, the successful Nordic lottery now comprises of eight European countries which in-part has created a much bigger jackpot. Because of this addition, fifty percent of prize winnings go to Viking Lotto every time there is a jackpot winner among the eight countries.

Each participating country has different names for Viking Lotto. It is referred to as Veikkaus in Finland, Iceland refers to it as Vikingalotto, Denmark refers to it as Onsdags Lotto, and Estonia, Norway, and Sweden refer to it as Viking Lotto.

Viking Lottery numbers are drawn Wednesday nights in Hamar at the Norsk Tipping. Each combination costs €1 no matter which country you are in. The financing of the first prize is calculated by an amount for which each combination is played. All lower prizes are considered national and the prize amount is decided locally.

The lotto begins by having participants pick a total of six numbers ranging between 1 and 48. Each line of six numbers is described as a combination. Throughout the drawing of numbers, officials draw a total of eight numbers, six main numbers and two additional. The main prize is one once all six numbers have been matched by an individual’s combination. All other prizes are decided at the national level.

In the past, Viking Lotto could only be played if the individual resided in one of the participating countries. This has now changed thanks to the addition of official online ticket sellers. The main lotto ticket seller online is theLotter, so if you want to try your luck in a huge European lottery, now you can no matter where you live.

Biggest Wins

Ever since the Viking Lotto was created in 1993, there have been some huge jackpots won. On June 24, 2015, Iceland saw a big jackpot winner who matched all six numbers. This individual won ISK 161,880,000 which was all tax-free.

Besides the jackpot being won, around 650 other individuals won prizes in Iceland. According to Íslensk getspá CEO Stefan Kon­ráðsson, “The amount won is the biggest amount to have ever been won in Iceland.”

In Estonia, a lottery player won half of the 768,713.16 euro jackpot, which made it the biggest jackpot that Estonia has ever seen. The lotto player had purchased their ticket online. The other half of the winning jackpot went to the Viking Lotto’s host country of Norway.

A year prior to this big jackpot being claimed in Estonia, there was another which was won in Estonia. That Viking Lotto player won an astrounding amount of 733,813.52 euros.